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Best Ever Pads are a proud American product, designed and made by people who pride themselves in their work. Designed with insight and made with care, results in a top quality product. Best Ever Pads look sharp and sit great on any horse's back.


Each pad is hand-made, and includes wear leathers that are top grade cowhide or leather. This handsome western saddle pad is specially cut to allow the cinch to mold naturally around the horse's girth allowing for closer contact for the rider's legs. The two-piece contour design allows for a comfortable fit, while the high quality, breathable wool or felt allows it to be used alone or with a Navajo blanket.


"Our goal in each of our horses is to have respect instead of fear. With that mutual respect comes a particular and specific balance, a special recipe for success in each of our horses. We strive to have happy contented horses on the ground, under saddle and in the arena!"- Lynn Kohr 

Located in Central Texas, between Stephenville and Hico, Ready 2 Rope Ranch is owned and operated by Jean and Gary Poythress. They sell Corriente roping cattle for your needs. Becky sometimes works out of this facility.

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