When I consider the people who have had a life impact on me there are few. Becky Fuchs Mahoney is one of those few, imparting to me a foundation in horsemanship that has set me up to pursue my life dreams. Through the foundation I received from Becky's instruction I have become everything that I hoped to be with my horses. She will always be a cherished friend and colleague.

If you are looking to improve your horsemanship skills or your children's I strongly suggest that you spend your time, energies, and finances with Becky. You will value every minute of your time with her and it will last you a life time.

Kelly T. Conrado, Professional Horse Trainer for 35 years













I have personally trained with Becky for over 13 years and have found that her unique style and teaching ability applies to the beginner as well as the advanced horseman. She is extremely knowledgeable and displays a passion along with the desire to share her vast experience with others. Becky is a powerful motivator and communicates in a positive, proactive manner. She has been instrumental in developing my horsemanship skills which I believe has been the foundation to my success in the arena. I always learn something when I am around Becky. 

- Lauren White

4x AJRA All Around Champion
5x AJRA Goat Tying Champion
3x AJRA Pole Bending Champion
3x AHSRA Goat Tying Champion
4x National Qualifier NHSFR






I met Becky Mahoney in 1986 when I was rodeoing in Colorado…she kindly offered to “help” me with my roping, in other words, TEACH me HOW to rope! She was winning everything in the mixed team roping and break away roping and I was a complete nobody that could barely touch a steer or a calf with my rope!
Becky has always had a super affinity to teach, especially kids! She has an uncanny ability to break skills down into steps that are easily understood and grasped! She teaches with kindness and compassion and comes straight from her heart. Now, just 25 years later, she is still teaching and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

- Lynn Kohr, Professional Barrel Racer, Gillette, WY










Bailey Wheeler has won 44 buckles and 7 saddles. She was the 2006, 2007, 2008 AJRA Year end Pole Bending Champion, 2007, 2008, 2009, AZ Wrangler Junior High School Year end Pole Bending Champion and also the 2009 AZ Wrangler Junior High School Year end Barrel Racing Champion. Bailey ranked 19th in barrel racing at the National Wrangler Junior High School Finals. Why was Bailey so successful? Answer - Becky Mahoney! Becky has been giving Bailey horsemanship lessons once a week for the last eight years. Becky taught Bailey how to take a young, green horse and become a winning team! 

- Leslie Wheeler, Rodeo Mom, Chandler, AZ











My daughter, Chelsey, has been a student of Becky's since she was six years old and we credit Becky for all her years of winning awards because of the horsemanship Becky taught her. Our whole family has so many great memories and Chelsey has so many accomplishments to be proud of. It was all of Becky's unconditional time and love for her students and their horses that made such a great group of cowgirls and cowboys that I, as a parent, have watched... as these kids grew up with great horsemanship skills and the true love of the sport of rodeo. We all learned as families, how to better our kids and our horse's competition skills and learned that basic horsemanship can definitely stop a little problem from becoming a big problem, whether it was what tack we were using or the way our children were riding. Becky can see what is happening and correct it with the Monte Foreman style of horsemanship and it really works! Chelsey continues to teach Becky's techniques to other girls and it is great to know that she is proud of her horses and all that she has won and wants other girls to have a winning career just as she did. Thanks Becky for the love you had for our daughter and our horses! Thanks from one of the many proud parents you helped! 

- Stacey Wilhoit, Rodeo Mom


       Chelsey won 53 buckles, five saddles, and numerous other prizes. She was the: 
       2002 & 2005 Queen Creek Junior Rodeo All-Around Champion
       2005 All Around Champion Florence Jr. Parada
       2006 AHSRA State Finals All Around Champion
       2006 AHSRA Rookie of the Year
       2006 & 2007 AHSRA Champion Pole Bender!






I owe 98% of my rodeo career to Becky. Becky is the most patient and knowledgeable rodeo coach in the rodeo business. Thanks to Becky all of her students were consistently in the winner’s circle. Because of Becky’s training I am not only a confident and accomplished competitor but also a trainer. I know I would not have been able to get this far in my rodeo and training career without Becky’s superb knowledge of this sport. Last but not least, she is the best cook that I know.

Franki Kelly Westcott


2 Time National High School Rodeo Finals Qualifier 

AHSRA Rookie of the year
AHSRA Reserve Breakaway Roping Champion 
3 Time AJRA Barrel Racing Champion
2 Time AJRA Pole Bending Champion
2010 NBHA Reserve World Champion







We have known Becky Mahoney for 12 years. She is not only a great friend, but has been a wonderful teacher for my kids. She taught them the basics in horsemanship as well as helping them achieve their goals of being rodeo champions.  Taylor has won 88 buckles and 15 saddles, along with other great prizes and money. Taylor always loved getting lessons and learned so much with Becky over the years. She has won year end championships in barrels, poles, goat tying, and breakaway in the both the Arizona Junior Rodeo Association and the Arizona Jr. High School Rodeo Associations, as well as many all arounds. She went to the Az. Wrangler National Finals three years in a row. Her horse won Horse of the Year at Nationals and she also won Rookie of the Year. She achieved great things and continues to rodeo and loves it. We owe a lot to Becky for all she has done. I know my younger daughter Bobbi will excel when she is able to get lessons from Becky, so she will be good at rodeo and great at horsemanship! IT REALLY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!!! 

- Dan, Lori, Taylor, and Bobbi Holderman











Becky has been a teacher and mentor to me in and out of the arena my whole life. She is an outstanding roper and a very good teacher. She also can cook outstanding so don't worry about going hungry because you never will.

 - Tyler Whitlow











Becky is a roper, a cowgirl, and instructor all at the same time. One person with all of these qualities is very rare. I am so honored to give a testimonial. I have known her for over 20 years from college until now. She was assisting with the rodeo team at Western Montana College in Dillon, MT when I first met Becky. She has helped me so much with horses and life. I quote her all of the time in my workings with junior high and high school kids up here in Montana. She breaks it down to the basics and makes it very easy to learn, whether it is riding, roping, or running barrels. The cool part about Becky, is after you are done getting a lesson from her, you go with her to a jackpot and she ropes amazing and her horses are the envy of everyone. She talks the talk and she walks the walk! The other amazing thing about Becky is the fact that she is so humble. I only hope that I will get to spend more time with her in years to come.

- Kelly Hanson, K Bar L Outfitters, Montana

Becky Mahoney has taught me very many things through the years: team
roping, breakaway roping, barrel racing, pole bending, and even goat tying.
She is the hand of all events. The very first thing I learned from Becky was
horsemanship. She taught me the importance of being a horseman and
how it applies to each and everything you do inside or out of the arena.
While you may focus on one event or another, the knowledge Becky has
given me in the area of horsemanship will stick with me forever. I give this
skill credit for all my success and my ability to get back up after losses. Her
ability to teach and coach at a beginner level or a competitive level is
amazing. I have gone to Becky’s lessons & camps since I was 13 years
old. I have advanced tremendously through the years with her coaching
and guidance. She was able to take me from a beginner who knew nothing
about the sport of rodeo to a High School State Champion Pole Bender,
Multi-State Champion Breakaway Roper, & National Champion Breakaway
Roper, not mentioning all the successes in between. She has the ability to
give someone a confident competitive edge and has always instilled being
humble in her students. She has taught me so many valuable things. Becky
Mahoney is truly one of the most talented cowgirls, teachers, and
competitors in the rodeo world.


Cassie Miller – 2018 National High School Breakaway Champion



I have nothing but positive things to say about Becky Mahoney and her
training. She took me under her wing throughout my high school rodeo
career and helped me work my way to being an all-around horsewoman
with the skills to finish off my own horses. Becky is great at teaching the
true foundation of horsemanship and I owe her most of my success in the
rodeo pen. She has helped me create a solid foundation on all of my
horses that easily translates to the barrel pen and produces proven
winners. I highly recommend Becky for any and all ages of riders.
Kiersten Pettus - 2022
2020 Turquoise Circuit Permit Champion
2021 GCRPA Barrel Racing Champion
2022 NIRA Finals Qualifier
Pro-rodeo winner.
I would not be the horseman I am today without Becky Mahoney. She has
given me a foundation that helps me excel in all aspects of competition and
training. No matter what event I participate in I know I can always apply her
teachings. Not only does she teach what’s best for the horse, but she
encourages a feel that sticks with you forever.

Lauren Devaney - 2022
2017 Arizona State Pole Bending Champion
3x National High School qualifier in Cutting
3x National High School qualifier in Pole Bending
1x National Jr High qualifier in Barrels
1x National Jr.High qualifier in Pole Bending
2017 -11th Place NHSRF in Pole Bending
2018 - 9th Place NHSRF in Pole Bending


March is Women's History Month. Instead of showcasing women who have
shaped the world, I'm going to instead focus on women who shaped *my*
Today, I'm focusing on *Coaches*. These three women have been placed
in my life at very important times, and their professional coach titles only
encompass a very narrow scope of the lessons I have learned from them.
Becky Fuchs Mahoney was the very first horse trainer/riding instructor I
had. I believe I was 11 when I started riding with her While I had had
horses my entire life, I knew very little about the intricacies of being a
*horsewoman*. She taught me soft hands, listening, feel, and proper seat.
She did so creatively while riding through the desert, which translated
fantastically in the arena. Becky laid the foundations for all my knowledge,
skill, patience, and confidence that still continues to grow.
Marcy Starr , I started riding with Marcy in the late 1990s. She continued to
build on the foundations the Becky so masterfully laid…….
Last, but most definitely not least, Heather Harland . Coach Har came into
my life when I really needed her…….,
These women may not be perfect, but that is the beautiful thing about them
- they just keep evolving, changing and growing both themselves and their
clients, all while wearing huge smiles that outshine the sun. I am beyond
grateful for these three women, and the role they have had in making me
who I am, and who I will be. Thank you, ladies.

Carrie Zambrano on March 10,2021

Photography by Kevan Sheppard